Info for Students

The end goal of this workshop is for the students to create a digital-ready report of their ideas on the deployment of advanced nuclear energy.  These video reports should address the technical, societal, regulatory, and policy elements of deploying advanced nuclear to which the students were introduced in this workshop.  Students have great flexibility in the approach they take (examples include but are not limited to: podcast/interactive webinar, video clips, musical, dance, or spoken performance, animation).

  • Each group of 3-4 students will meet each day in a virtual café to discuss the topics from the morning meetings and develop their presentation on their Deployment Scenario
  • Each Deployment Scenario Team will provide a report on the SMR needs, considerations, issues, economics, social implications, for the community/application defined in the scenario.
  • Group of 3-4 students selected based on geographic and skillset – building diverse teams
  •  Students have great flexibility in the approach they take
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